Hi! I'm Tiah, Owner of Studio Chic C.,
​ and I Have an Obsession with Design!

 I've been a creative and business savvy person since I was young. I always knew I wanted to own my own business but never knew exactly what it would be. After getting degrees in Marketing Management, Information Technology and a Masters in Business Management, I started to explore my ideas and jumped head first into business and management.

I was a manager at 16 for a major company and had my first business at 25. I created my own branding, learned how to build my website and created my own marketing material. I realized that the most fun I had with that business and others that I've built, was the creative element. I enjoyed creating the marketing material, business cards, logos and social media kits.
From then on, I focused on learning and mastering my craft and decided to start Studio Chic C.  I have helped many of my family and friends build websites and brand their business over the last 10 years and now I want to help you!


My Life Summed Up In Photos